30-year-old Malay woman suffering from asthma up to 13 years

LiGNO™ Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) helped me to improve stamina, quality of sleep and breathing. It even helped to reduce fatigue and I feel more energetic after using LiGNO™ TMM.

57-year-old Malay housewife easily gets flu due to weak immunity system

LiGNO™ TMM cured my flu and helped me to improve stamina and reduce fatigue. I feel more energetic after using LiGNO™ TMM..

42-year-old Malay male : joint pain due to dengue fever.

LiGNO™ TMM helped to relieve my joint pain which caused by dengue fever. The joint pain is completely relieved after using LiGNO™ TMM..

28-year-old Indian femalean asthma sufferer, suffering from chronic cough for 2 months.

LiGNO™ TMM cured my chronic cough and helped me to improve my breathing and hence, improved the quality of sleep.

26 years old Chinese maleskin allergic to alcohol exposure.

After applied LiGNO™ TMM powder mixed with water topically on the allergic rashes, the rashes started subsiding two hours later and showed a lot improvement on the next day.

7-year-old girlsuffering from serious atopic eczema for more than 1 year.

LiGNO™ TMM helped to alleviate my daughter’s eczema. Her condition was much better after 7 days of consumption.

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