The Standardized Freeze-dried Cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom Sclerotia Powder

LiGNO TM02® is an proprietary indoor cultivation of Tiger Milk Mushroom, specially developed for the sclerotia cultivation. The medicinal value of Tiger Milk Mushroom lies entirely within sclerotia but not mycelium, which is the reason why aborigines uses only the sclerotia but not mycelium.

LiGNO TM02® - A Proprietary Research-based Ingredient

  • First Cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom Sclerotia
  • Proprietary solid state fermentation
  • Freeze dried
  • Standardized active ingredient
  • Registered active ingredient with MOH Malaysia
  • Halal & Malaysia Organic certified
  • Scientifically validated
TM02® specification


  • Lung & Respiratory Health
  • Health Immunity
  • Joint Health
  • Allergy Problems
  • Health Aging
  • Vitality & Wellbeing
Scientific Proven