Tiger Milk Mushroom

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Malaysian Lost National Treasure


LiGNO is inspired from the scientific name of Tiger Milk Mushroom, Lignosus rhinocerus, which is the scarce Malaysian medicinal mushroom that no one is able to cutivate it since its' discovery, even not by the Father of Malaya Rubber Industry, Sir Henry Nicholas Ridley. Aspiring to cultivate the uncultivable. a group of scientists has been working on Tiger Milk Mushroom cultivation since 2002, although knowing that there are a huge chance of failure and every effort will turn into vain if it failed. 


With years of efforts, finally in year 2009, cultivation technology of Tiger Milk Mushroom has been successfully developed, becoming the world's 1st cultivation expert of the Lignosus rhinoceros, holding the Malaysia Book of Records as "1st to Commercially Produce Tiger Milk Mushroom. To popularize this Wonder of Mother Nature to people, LiGNO Biotech has been founded. As a pioneer, we are also responsible to promote, cultivate and commercialize our local treasure. 


As a medicinal mushroom specialist, we provide 1 stop services for:

Standardized Active  Ingredients

Private Label

Private Label 


As researchers, we understand the importance of science and truly value Innovation and Quality as our core value


We are not only consistently dedicating ourselves in science research, but also like to educate more people about the Tiger Milk Mushroom, its' uniqueness as a Malaysian treasure and how it's benefiting us.

Ask An Expert

There is a lot to learn about  Tiger Milk Mushroom and  it's unique benefits and qualities.  Ask us now to learn more.

What Do People Say?

TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom effectively relieves  cough & flu in children  after few days! "


--Chia, 2 years old

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