TIGERUS® Pure Tiger Milk Mushroom Capsule

The Essence of 400 years Remedy

Tiger Milk Mushroom - The Respiratory Care Expert

Tiger Milk Mushroom, hailed as Malaysia’s national treasure, is an effective herbal remedy for respiratory system. It effectively relieves chronic cough, wheezing, sinusitis and other respiratory symptoms. Both the symptoms and root causes are addressed via the mechanism of ‘cleansing, regulating, restoring, and protecting".


Tiger Milk Mushroom possesses immuno-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties which can effectively repair the damaged tissue of respiratory system, enabling the respiratory system to restore its self-cleansing and metabolic function, while enhancing the disease resistance and self-protecting abilities. It is a comprehensive approach to improve the function of the respiratory system, in order to prevent relapse and ineffective treatment problems. Hence improve the respiratory health and prevent the respiratory problems.



Product Benefits:

  • Relieves respiratory symptoms

  • Improves respiratory function

  • Prevents respiratory problems

  • Promotes overall wellness


Product Features



  • 100% Herbal based

  • 100% safe, No side effects

  • Fast and Effective, Symptoms improve in short period

  • Comprehensive recuperation


Packing: 30 vegecaps


Each capsule contains:

260mg of Certifed Halal and Organic LiGNO™ TM02 Freeze Dried Powder (Tiger Milk Mushroom)



Indication: Traditionally used for relief of cough, cold and sinusitis

*product price RM100 (inclusive GST and delivery)





Fact: The bioactive components of Tiger Milk Mushroom are in the sclerotia.

Recommended For:





Recommended Dosage:

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