"As a trained practitioner of modern medicine, I should not be saying this but I used to suffer from chronic intractable cough accompanied by runny nose and lung infection. What we call modern medication took a long time to stop the cough. But persuaded by a Chinese friend, I took Chinese medicine and the cough stopped. When I had another attack I tried the medicine again, and again it worked. I tried to find out what the medicine is made of and I was told that it was tiger’s milk." Tun Dr. Mahathir (The 4th& 7th Malaysian Prime Minister. The International Convention on Biotechnology, 2002)


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Inspired by nature, and after an insight by Tun Dr. Mahathir, Dr. Tan Chon Seng worked relentlessly to explore the medicinal segment of Tiger Milk Mushroom, whilst discovering new species of this gem in Malaysia by developing genetic markers for identification. The inimitable Dr. Tan overcame the arduous task of cultivating the Tiger Milk Mushroom and conceived a proprietary cultivation technique to produce sustainable, efficacious Tiger Milk Mushroom.

Dubbed The Patriach of Tiger Milk Mushroom, Dr. Tan Chon Seng’s devotion and expertise towards the development of this medicinal gem in unparalleled.

Dr. Tan’s achievements include:

  • Development of genetic markers to identify the 3 species of TMM in Malaysia, and subsequently given the honour to scientifically name the 2 new species
  • Unveiled the sclerotium of the Tiger milk mushroom as the structure with medicinal value
  • Development of the proprietary cultivation technology to produce sustainable TMM with high efficacy
  • Identification of the effective dosage of the cultivated TMM for optimal efficacy

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