An alluring atrium that unveils and retrieves the obliterated Tiger Milk Mushroom, the Lost Malaysian National Treasure, taking you from the deep forest to the laboratory and subsequently to retail, bringing with it much benefits to mankind.

Come join our tour guided by a highly qualified personnel to uncover:

  • The 500 years history of Tiger Milk Mushroom In Malaysia
  • The alluring folklore of the mushroom
  • The influence of Tiger Milk Mushroom for your health
  • The enthralling science of the Tiger Milk Mushroom
  • LiGNO’s proprietary cultivation technology

Tiger Milk Mushroom Handmade Soap Workshop & Science Outreach Program is available upon request.

Our tour itineraries can be customized to meet the needs of your visit: large or small, educational or specific project.

Book a tour:
Visit our at @tmm.atrium or call +6017-354 8242 or +6012-946 8242
*Minimum group of 15++
*2 weeks advanced reservation is required